Access reports from the system via the versiondog webserver. To access these reports you will need a browser. The Browser is responsible for communicating with the web server as well as displaying the user interface.


User interface

Image: User interface WebClient

  1. Button for server selection. The drop-down menu from which you can switch between servers is only displayed if more than one server is configured. If you have only configured one server, this button will not appear.
  2. Button for report selection.
  3. Selection additional features for selected report. Additional functions vary depending on the report selected.
  4. Menu for user, user-profile and log off
  5. Global Filter. A filter, that has been inserted here, will have an impact upon all columns of the current selected report.

You require an additional license for reports on Factory Floor Status. For details about reports, refer to: Factory Floor Status

FAQ: The ReportClient freezes and slows down my computer. What could be the reason? / How can I limit the amount of data read by the ReportClient?

By default, the ReportClient will read metadata sets in batches of up to 10000. This limit of 10000 may be too high for the available resources.

To change this limit, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the file Client.ini (Path: vdClientArchive/VD$A/Configuration/Client.ini).

  2. Select the section:

  3. If this section already exists, search for the key:

  4. If the section does not already exist, insert it as follows:If the section does not already exist, insert it as follows:

  5. Enter a new limit, e.g.

  6. Save the change

  7. Close the file

If you work with the ReportClient after the above change was made and if at the same time the number of data sets exceeds the limit that was specified by you, a message will inform you about the issue.


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Last updated: 24 January 2022