Components under development or locked

You can use the Client settings to specify the lock status in which the components are checked out by default (see section Client settings). However, you can also adjust the setting for each component individually in the Check-Out dialog.

Image: Dialog Check-Out, Selected components area, Under development

Unlocking components

Unlocking components: A component can only be unlocked by the user who has locked it. It is not possible to unlock locked components of other users with this option.

Unlocking and resetting components: This option is only available to administrators. It is deactivated for users with no administrative rights. This option allows you to unlock components locked by other users.

There are different ways to unlock a component:

  1. Open the drop-down menu at the lock symbol.
  2. Select the option you want to use.

Image: Change lock status drop-down menu


  1. In the menu under State, click on Change lock state.
  2. Select the option you want to use.

Image: Menu bar, Status tab, Change lock status


  1. Open the context menu of the component by right clicking on it.
  2. Then click on state in the context menu.
  3. Select the option you want to use.

Image: Project tree, context menu Change lock status

FAQ: How can an administrator centrally set versiondog so that the lock state Under development or Lock for other users is preselected on Check-Out?

To set the lock status as preselected on the server side as an administrator, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the AdminClient and then go to INI files.
  2. Open the file ClientConfigUpdate.ini (Path to the file: <drive>:\vdServerArchive\VD$A\Configuration).
  3. To implement a preselected lock state for a client, add the following lines to the INI file:

    Save the changed INI file.
    To implement a preselected lock state for all clients, add the following lines to the INI file: :

    Make sure to insert a break before the key.

    Save the changed INI file.

    Possible keys:
    5625 - the user can revoke the preselecton.
    56 26 - the user cannot revoke the preselecton. (The other options are grayed out, both in the Check-Out dialog and in the tab Extras > Client settings > Check-In/Check-Out).

    Values for n:
    N=1 lock state Under development is preselected upon Check-out.
    N=2 lock state Lock for other users is preselected upon Check-Out.

    Example 1A (Preselection):

    Set a lock state for all clients using the option Lock for other users. This will ensure that the user can no longer change the default. Insert the following lines:


If you remove the key from the ClientConfigUpdate.ini file, it will not be removed from the INI files on the client PCs. To remove a key from all INI files on all client PCs, open the ClientConfigUpdate.ini again and write - (minus) in front of the key (see below):

Example 1B Remove preset:
To remove the preset lock status from Example 1A, edit the line as follows:


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FAQ: How can a user set the lock state for the options Under development and Lock for other users so that they are pre-selected at Check-out?

The Client Settings dialog in the UserClient makes it possible to preset the Lock status for the two options for the Check-Out. But the default setting can be undone by the user if a lock state is not required. For more information, please refer to Client Settings.

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