Features and functions

The Check-Out function copies the current or several version(s) of a component (e.g. an S7 project) from the server archive to the client archive (working directory) on your local PC.

Note that the versiondog system, based solely on the check-out function on components.


Prior to the check-out, be aware of the different view options in the Project tree:

Image: Project tree, drop-down menu Views

The button displays all directories that exist on the server. Directories that have not been checked out are shown in gray.

FAQ: How can I filter the change history to only show the versions of the component a certain element was modified in?

To see only the versions a certain element was modified in, proceed as follows:

  • Select Lifecycle view in the drop-down menu, at the top of the project tree
  • Select the element you want to filter for in the project tree

The change history will show only the version the selected element was modified in

As long as Lifecycle view is selected, the project tree will only show elements that were modified in at least one version in components. To see elements that are unchanged since the creation of the base version in the project tree in their respective component, select another view in the drop-down menu.


There is a S7 project in the project tree that contains several blocks. You want to see only the versions of the project in which a specific block was modified. Proceed to select this block using the Lifecycle view as described before. The change history will now show only the versions of the project the block was modified in.


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