versiondog updates

An update is used to introduce new features and changes into an existing versiondog system.

You do not need a new versiondog license for an update or upgrade.

It is not important if the server archive is present locally or on a remote share, the server archive needs to be saved before you carry out an update. Proceed as described in Backup and restore of the versiondog server archive.

The server applications are updated using the installation wizard. This is started via the Setup.exe file. When in parallel server mode, the setup needs to be performed for both servers.

Both the server and the client must have the same version, otherwise it will not be possible to work with versiondog !

As soon as you start a client that has an earlier versiondog version than the server, the update for the client applications is started automatically. This function is called a SmartUpdate. Alternatively, clients can be updated manually or via a script or MSI package.

When updating versiondog , the hardware and software requirements must be observed. If these requirements are not met, it is not possible to properly install the product. The latest hardware and software requirements can be found in the tutorial Hardware and software requirements.


FAQ: Why is it taking longer to update to 7.0.0?

We have improved support for Unicode. As entire databases have to be migrated, it can take longer to update to versiondog 7.0.0.


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Last updated: 24 January 2022