_Universal: configuring project-specific settings for comparators

You can also configure project-specific settings for each of the universal components (with the exception of the component Binary, which does not allow this). To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the UserClient.
  2. In the Project tree, right-click on the component.
  3. Select Edit component configuration.
  4. In the dialog Component configuration, click on Comparator configuration.
  5. In the dialog, Comparison configuration, in the field Exclude lines from comparison, enter the data.

Example: Editing JSON components in the UserClient:

Image: Dialog Component properties, Json

Image: Comparison configuration dialog


Guide for configuring comparisons of JSON Smart Compares as seen in an example document

Example document for JSON:


Step-by-step approach for entry under Exclude lines from comparison for the example document.

Absolute exclusion > the beginning of the path is checked if all children are ignored.

.os The object os is ignored with all attributes (architecture, system_drive, programs). Object os2 is not ignored.

.os.architecture the architecture attribute of the object os is ignored. The architecture attribute from os2 is not ignored.


Relative exclusion > the end of the path is checked.

architecture the architecture attribute is ignored globally (from os and os2).

products.install_data the attribute install_data, of all objects listed under products will be ignored globally (for os and os2).


FAQ: Configuring the ASCII comparator: I have specified the lines that I want to exclude by entering their line numbers, so why are they still displayed during the comparison?

Lines are NOT excluded from comparison by their line numbers, but by character strings. If there are lines that you want to exclude from comparison, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the UserClient.
  2. Go to the Project tree
  3. Right-click on the component that contains the lines you wish to exclude
  4. Select Edit component configuration
  5. The window Component properties will appear.
  6. Click on Comparator configuration....
  7. The window Configure comparison will open.
  8. Enter strings (either the whole line or using wildcards) in Exclude lines from compare

When you enter a string in Exclude lines from compare, all lines with that character string will be excluded from comparison.



*a   ->   all lines are excluded that end with the character a

a*   -> all lines are excluded that begin with the character a

*a*  -> all lines are excluded that contain the character a at any position

<Space>* -> all lines are excluded that begin with a space character

<TAB>* -> all lines are excluded that begin with a tab.



Actual value*


In the above example, all lines that begin with Actual value and all lines that have the word alarm anywhere in them will be excluded from the comparison.