Pairing agents with the versiondog server

After installing the agent, a one-time pairing of the agent with the server using the agent must take place. Tokens are automatically created and exchanged between the server and the agent.

By default, the pairing takes place automatically when the two servers connect for the first time.

Agents that have not yet been paired with a server will initially run in initialization mode. This is displayed on the Agent computer as a message in the Windows Event Viewer.

In the agent archive in the file VD$A\Configuration\Local\AccessTokens.txt, you can see with which server the agent is permanently coupled.

Example entry:

CDMPWD1IE[...]g;User; [19/Oct/2020:21:15:36 +0200] "AUVESY.VDOGSERVER"

The entry consists of the following columns:

FAQ: When running the agent or testing the connection to the agent, the following error message is displayed: "Error calling a remote function (function: CSC_FUNC_ID_COMMON_AuthenticateToken)". What does this mean?

This error message indicates that the pairing of the server and agent was not performed correctly or needs to be renewed, for example, because the paired server or agent was replaced with an image that was created before pairing. Please unpair as described above. The next time the versiondog server connects to the agent, the pairing will take place automatically.

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