Installing the versiondog SINUMERIK Operate plug-in

The HMI is run on the NCU and the versiondog SINUMERIK Operate Plug-in is installed on the NCU (HMI on Unix)

Image: SINUMERIK Operate Plugin: Update via NCU

The installation files are located in your version Setup under /Tools/SinumerikOperate. The appropriate subdirectory has to be used depending on the version. Example: for Version 4.4 has to use the directory MyHMI-04.04.01 (Refer to look up SINUMERIK Operate version).

Step by step guide

  1. Copy the following files to /card/addon/sinumerik/hmi/appl.
  2. Copy VDogUploadSinumerikOperate.ini to


  1. Modify the files /addon/sinumerik/hmi/cfg/systemconfiguration.ini to the HMI. (Refer to chapter adjust systemconfiguration.ini ) 
  2. Unblock the port in the firewall
  3. To activate the port in the firewall, modify the files /card/user/system/etc/basesys.ini on the HMI. Use the port that you have set to use in the files VDogUploadSinumerikOperate.ini. The default port is 42000




    FirewallOpenPorts="TCP/5900 TCP/5901 TCP/102 TCP/42000"


The machine needs to be restarted after making these changes.

The HMI is ran on a separate executing computer (CPU) and versiondog SINUMERIK Operate plug-in is installed on the PCU (external HMI on  Windows)

Image: SINUMERIK Operate Plugin: Update via PCU

Step by step guide

  1. End the HMI application
  2. Copy these files to:
    <Drive:>\<Installation folder>\Siemens\MotionControl\addon\sinumerik\hmi\appl


C:\Program Files\Siemens\MotionControl\addon\sinumerik\hmi\appl
  1. Copy the following filesVDogUploadSinumerikOperate.ini to: <drive:>\<installation folder>\Siemens\MotionControl\addon\sinumerik\hmi\cfg

    This file needs to be potentially modified beforehand. (Refer to adjusting VDogUploadSinumerikOperate.ini .)

  1. Adjust the file systemconfiguration.ini.
  2. File path: /addon/sinumerik/hmi/cfg/ Refer to chapter adjusting systemconfiguration.ini

  1. Enter the file run_hmi.ex into the firewall and activate this so that the versiondog server or Upload Agent can communicate with the plug-in. This file can be found under:<drive:>\installationfile>\Siemens\MotorControl\Siemens\sinumerik\autostart\run_hmi.exe
  1. Start the HMI application

FAQ: How do I create backups of a SINUMERIK 840D Operate project if the HMI runs on a separate computer (PCU), and not on a NCU, and the connection fails?

Possible cause: This PCU is only connected to SINUMERIK device via the internal/plant network (x120). versiondog is connected to the device via the external/company network (x130). versiondog needs to communicate with the HMI (default port: 42000). The SINUMERIK (NCU) cannot communicate to the internal network via the port 42000. Therefore versiondog is not able to communicate with the HMI.

Solution: A route needs to be established, so that the SINUMERIK device (running on the NCU) is able to use the port 42000 so that versiondog is able to communicate with the internal network.

To establish this route, you will need "root" rights from the SINUMERIK system. These "root rights" can only be obtained from Siemens.


  1. Create a connection to the SINUMERIK device via PuTTY.
  2. Log in with the user name "root" (you will need to first obtain this from Siemens).
  3. Enter the following command line: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0 --dport <Port versiondog Plugin> -j DNAT --to-destination <IP-Adresse X120>:<Port versiondog Plugin>.
  4. Example: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0 --dport 42000 -j DNAT --to-destination

  5. Restart the SINUMERIK (NCU).


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