SIMATIC WinCC flexible: Integrating projects

Integrating existing projects

To create a version with SIMATIC WinCC flexible, a project or backup of the device program is always required.

  1. Create a new component in the UserClient. Select the component type WinCC flexible (which you will find in the Siemens > HMI-Software folder structure).
  2. In Windows explorer, go to the folder in which the WinCC flexible project is saved.
  3. Copy the data into the component's working directory.
  4. In UserClient, select the WinCC components in the project tree and click on the button Create and Check-In the base version.

Your WinCC projects data has now been integrated into versiondog and can managed by versiondog .

Please note that:

A disaster recovery is however certainly possible. This means that you can use the backup created to carry out a restoration of the Runtime.


Integrating new projects

  1. Create a new component in the UserClient. Select the component type WinCC flexible (which you will find in the Siemens > HMI-Software folder structure).
  2. Open the WinCC flexible Editor.
  3. Create a new project and save it in the WinCC flexible components you just created.
  4. Go to the WinCC flexible component in UserClient and click on Create base version and Check-In.


The component type, WinCC flexible, can be modified to suit your individual needs. For more information, see the Component type editor section, located in the AdminClient tutorial.

FAQ: The process of creating a version while using a restricted Windows user account has failed. What do I have to do so that the comparison can be performed without errors?

Error messages /Error codes:






The logged-in user lacks certain rights required to edit the SQL database instance. The user with limited access rights must be assigned the SysAdmin role of the SQL server. In other words, the configuration described below must be performed from an administrator account or another account with appropriate permissions.

Solution A

For WinCC flexible 2007 with SQL-Server 2005 please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and establish a connection to the WinCC flexible instance.

  2. Open Container Security > Logins.

  3. Right-click on Logins and select the entry New Login.

  4. Enter the user incl. computer name or domain affiliation or select the user via the search function.

  5. On the Server Roles page, assign the SysAdmin role to this user.

  6. Close the dialog and log on to Windows again.

versioning will now work with this user.

If there are further user accounts with limited rights, these must be created additionally using these instructions.

Solution B

  1. Make the user with restricted rights a member of a corresponding group (group with authorization for versioning).

  2. In WinCC flexible a corresponding database instance is created and an associated group.

  3. The users with restricted rights must be members of the above mentioned group.

  4. To add members in system go to: Start button > Control Panel > Administration > Computer Administration > Users and Groups.



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