SIMATIC WinCC: Configuring settings for INI files


Compare settings


There are 2 potential ways to configure settings in INI files. Depending on the application you are using, proceed as follows:

1. For the settings on the server, we recommend that you do this using the Edit INI files window, located in the AdminClient. If no INI file is present, you will need to create one.

2. For the settings on the client or agent, the file must be edited/created with the editor.

The following setting can be configured in the AgentStation.ini file on the computer that is carrying out the compare:

Path: <Drive:>\vdArchive\VD$A\Configuration\Compare\AgentStation.ini


Setting Section Key Value
Schedule for a MS SQL Server Instance [WinCC] 7030

Area: {character string with name of MS SQL Server Instance}

The default value is: WinCC

Use of WinCC ES

[WinCC] 7031

Area: Y/N

The default value is N.



Extended detailed comparison with WinCC ES is for the purpose of comparing pictures and scripts. It is however only available from version WinCC 6.0 onwards: