TIA Portal: Creating jobs

The versiondog system offers the possibility to schedule jobs that check whether the project on the device corresponds to the last checked-in version of the project.

  1. Start the AdminClient and open the Jobs module.
  2. In the Project tree, select the TIA Portal component.
  3. In the menu tab, click on Create or drag & drop the components into the Jobs section.
  4. In the Job configuration section, check whether the upload type TIA Portal is being displayed.
  5. Make sure the desired settings are in place for the following sections: General, Notification, Upload and compare, and Create a version automatically after job run. The Notification and Create a version automatically after job run sections are only displayed if the necessary settings have been implemented. For more information on configuring these general sections, see the Jobs section, located in the AdminClient tutorial.
  6. If you are working with agents, meaning your versiondog server and the TIA Portal software are not installed on the same computer, these will need to be configured based on the communication parameters that you have selected. (The agents must already be installed. For more information, see the Upload and Compare Agents add-on)

  7. Under TIA Portal settings, select the Upload variants.
  8. Settings for the upload variants Checksum compare only, Software upload and Station upload are described in the following sections.

FAQ: How do I create an administrator account for the MasterService?

The upload process for some devices (e.g. Atlas Copco Tightening System controllers or SIEMENS TIA Portal) cannot function if the MasterService or the VDogUploadAgent/VDogCompareAgent are carried out from a user account on the Local system.

How to change the user account executing the MasterService:

  1. Open the Windows Services. Press the Windows button + R and enter the services.msc in the Execute dialog.

  2. Search for MasterService and check which account is being used to execute it. (If this is carried out using the Local system, the upload will not work).

    Image: Service MasterService, account

  3. To change the account, right-click on MasterService and select Properties.

  4. Open the Log On tab. In Log on as, select This account.

    Image: Properties of <service>, Login tab
  5. Enter the Account name and Password and then confirm.
  6. Click on OK.

  7. In the Services window, right-click on VDogMasterService and click on Restart to execute the service with the new settings.


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