Schneider Modsoft

The programming software Modsoft for DOS supports the creation, testing, and documentation of PLC programs from the Modicon 984 series. This tutorial aims to provide the reader with the information required for using Schneider Modsoft with versiondog .

The tutorial assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of the versiondog system and is familiar with Schneider Modsoft.

Image: Integration Schneider Modsoft

System requirements



Schneider Modsoft version
versiondog 1.52.5

Key features and functions

Automated monitoring of program changes (backup / version comparison)
SmartCompare for Schneider Modsoft projects (version comparison)
Clear presentation of complete change history
Custom component type for Schneider Modsoft projects
Integrated Schneider Modsoft project tree
Individual upload configuration for Schneider Modsoft

It is not possible by default to open a Schneider Modsoft editor using versiondog . This can however be done using a script. An example on how to do this can be found in our versiondog scripting tutorial under the section example of script editor for Schneider Modsoft components.


In this tutorial:

Last updated: 24 January 2022