Schneider Concept

versiondog supports the management of Schneider Concept projects and enables the cyclical monitoring of these devices.

The tutorial assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of the versiondog system and is familiar with Schneider Concept.

Network diagram

Image: Integration Schneider Concept

System requirements:

Schneider Concept version



versiondog 3.2

Other system requirements

Supported Schneider devices

QUANTUM:x13 0x_X

QUANTUM:x13 0x

VME:424 0x_X

QUANTUM:424 0x_X

QUANTUM:424 0x




MOMENTUM:171 CCC ??0 ?0-IEC (with

MOMENTUM:171 CCC 9?0 91

MOMENTUM:171 CCC ??0 ?0-984

ATRIUM:180 CC0 121 (fromv 2.6.0)

ATRIUM:180 CC0 241 (from v 2.6.0)

ATRIUM:180 CC0 S908 (from v 2.6.0)

Key features and functions

Automated detection of program changes (backup and version comparison)
SmartCompare for Schneider Concept projects (version comparison)
Clear presentation of complete change history
Custom component type for Schneider Concept projects
Open the editor directly from versiondog
Integrated Schneider Concept project tree
Individual upload configuration for Schneider Concept
No additional software required

In this tutorial:

Last updated: 24 January 2022