Siemens S7 Multiprojects

S7 Multiprojects are used in programmable logic controllers of the SIMATIC S7 series and in the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7. The SIMATIC S7 series and the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 are produced by Siemens AG.

The documentation for S7 Multiprojects contains information on the interaction between S7 Multiprojects and versiondog . The documentation aims at providing a user with the knowledge essential for working with S7 Multiprojects via the UserClient.

Basic knowledge of the concepts of the versiondog system is a requirement, as well as experience in the use of S7 Multiprojects and the SIMATIC Manager. Knowledge of SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC WinCC or SIMATIC WinCC flexible is not a requirement but will facilitate comprehension.

The versiondog system supports SIMATIC Manager V5.1 up to V5.6. This description was created with SIMATIC Manager version 5.5. The operating system is Windows XP. Texts and Pictures can differ, depending on your version of SIMATIC Manager and your operating system.

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The Information on S7 Multiprojects in this documentation also applies to PCS 7 Multiprojects.

Last updated: 24 January 2022