Microsoft Word: comparator configuration

The comparators of the Word and Documentation components can be customized. Proceed as follows:

  1. Start the AdminClient.
  2. Go to the Component type editor module.
  3. In the project tree, select the directory Microsoft or _Universal.
  4. Select the component Word or Documentation.
  5. Adjust the components under General, Compare these files, do not compare and Save these files, Do not save. For more information, see AdminClient > Component type editor.

Example of customizing the Documentation component type:

FAQ: The comparison of a component (component type Word) with password protected content ends in an error. How can this be resolved?

There are several solutions available:

Change the configuration of the comparator

  1. Open the UserClient.
  2. Go to the Edit tab in the ribbon and click on Edit component configuration.
  3. In Component configuration window click on Comparator configuration....
  4. The Comparison configuration window will open.
  5. Enter the password in the section Exclude lines from comparison.
  6. Activate the checkbox Exclude all non-displayable characters from entire comparison.


Carry out a binary comparison of the passwords

Please note that if the passwords for two DOCX files that you want to compare are different, the only kind of comparison that will be possible is a binary comparison. And this requires you to first change the comparator from Winword to Binary for this component type. Proceed as follows:

  1. Start the AdminClient and go to the Component type editor module.
  2. The Component type editor window is displayed.
  3. In the Component type library, select the component type for the component in question.
  4. Go to the table Compare these files. Find the comparator type Winword.
  5. Double-click on the comparator and change it to Binary in the drop-down list.


Create a version without a comparison

Alternatively, you can create a version without carrying out a comparison. To do this, go to the Extras tab in the ribbon of the UserClient and click on Version without difference.


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