Installing client applications


You can install the versiondog client applications on any Windows-based computer running Windows XP SP3 or newer. The server applications of the verisondog system need to be licensed. However, the client applications do not need their own license.

Installation requirements

Where are the setup files located?

When installing a versiondog server system, you can select the option to create a network share, where all client setup files are stored. If this procedure was performed during the installation of your server applications, you can start the program Setup.exe using the directory on the network share.

Call the setup directory (vdog client setup) on the network share of the versiondog server using the following path:
\\[versiondogservername]\vdog client setup or \\\[IP address]\vdog client setup.

If you cannot access the client setup directory on a network share, you must ask your system administrator for a copy of the directory.

If you have a parallel server system, you will find the installation files on both servers. Which one you use, does not matter.

FAQ :Why are some symbols not being displayed correctly

We have improved support for Unicode. Older operating systems do not correctly display all Unicode symbols. To what extent Unicode symbols are supported depends on the version of Windows and the language packet installed.


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FAQ: Is the data transfer between versiondog client and server encrypted by default? If not, how can encryption be enabled?

Password transfer is always encrypted!

Data transferred between versiondog client and server is not encrypted by default. Encryption is available and can be enabled if required.

Encryption includes the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS). This product contains software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

Encryption is enabled by editing the file csc.ini file via the AdminClient. For precise details, please contact us.

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Last updated: 24 January 2022