Configuring the gateway

Via the gateway a network transition to H1, MPI or PROFIBUS can be configured. The Gateway enables communication between the versiondog server and an automation device that cannot be accessed directly via the TCP/IP network of the versiondog server.

Image: Gateway


Configuring a Gateway

The settings for the gateway are configured via the INI file VDogGateway.ini.

The file can be found under: <Drive:>\vdoggateway\VD$A\Configuration\

  1. Open the file VDogGateway.inii via a text editor, for example using Notepad++.
  2. Implement the settings that you wish to have. Possible settings can be found in the following table.

  3. Save the data and close the text editor.

Section Key Value


This section is used to configure the gateway from TCP/IP to H1, MPI or PROFIBUS


Key for activating communication via RFC 1006


Default: Y

Example: Enabled=Y


This section is used to configure the port


Key for configuring the port for communication via RFC 1006


Default: 102

Port 102 is used for communication by default. If this port is already in use, then the service must be assigned a different port number.


This section is used to configure access to the SIMATIC NET PC software


Key for activating the interface to SIMATIC NET


Default: Y

Example: Enabled=N


Key for configuring the access point used to define the desired communication channel in SIMATIC NET

{Name of access point}

Default: S7Online

Example: AccessName=PC internal (local)

Example configuration:



AccessName=PC internal (local)

FAQ:: versiondog Gateway cannot be started. What could be the reason?

The service VDogGateway communicates by default via port 102 (RFC1006). If this port is already being used by another application (e.g. by Siemens IEPG Helper Service, name of service: s7oiehsx.exe), a different (unused) port number should be assigned to the service.

To assign a specific port number to the service VDogGateway, the section TCPIP has to be added to the file VDogGateway.ini or the section "TCPIP" already contained by this file has to be modified as follows:


..\<directory where the file VDogGateway.exe is located>\VD$A\Configuration






Port=<A number in the range 1..65535>

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