versiondog supports the management of CODESYS projects and enables the cyclic monitoring of devices that have been projected with this development environment.

Image: Integration CODESYS

System requirements




V 2.1

V 2.3 V 3.5 SP 9 V 3.5 SP 10 -SP 15
versiondog 2.5
versiondog 4.5
versiondog 8.0


Other system requirements

versiondog automatically searches through the listed software for the correct editor in the following order (*only CODESYS V2X):

You have the option to change the search order using a script. For more information on creating and using scripts, see the versiondog INFO Tutorial Scripting.

Important Information:



Compare, Upload, Backup


From version

versiondog 2.5 graphic No SmartCompare No SmartCompare
versiondog 4.5 graphic No SmartCompare No SmartCompare
versiondog 8.0 graphic

No SmartCompare

No SmartCompare


Upload, Backup, Further processing, Editor integration:

From version

Upload Backup (disaster recovery) Further ediitng in ES* Editor integration*
versiondog 2.5 Possible Not possible Not possible Yes
versiondog 4.5 Possible Not possible Not possible Yes
versiondog 8.0

V2: possible

V3: not possible

Not possible Not possible Yes

*ES: Engineering System

*Click on Open with editor or press F4

Key features and functions

Backup of all CODESYS-supported controllers that are accessible via CODESYS gateway server
Automatic change recognition between the program on the device and the current version on the server (backup - detailed comparison, version to backup - detailed comparison)
Clear presentation of complete change history
Custom component type for CODESYS projects
SmartCompare for CODESYS projects (version comparison)
Integrated CODESYS project tree
Open the editor directly from versiondog
Individual upload configuration for CODESYS
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Last updated: 24 January 2022