Creating backups and restoring the versiondog server archive

All data needed for a data recovery are stored in the versiondog server archive (in the folder vdServerArchive). We recommend to create a copy of the server archive on a regular basis.

You can archive the data from a server archive manually or automatically, regardless of running only one server or a parallel server system.

The system is only partly available during a backup of the data. It is advisable to secure the data during the non-productive time, for example during the night or on the weekends.

This tutorial aims to provide the possibilities offered by versiondog to backup server data from a single server or a parallel server system, and how to restore this data.

FAQ: How can I manually delete the contents of the server archive temporary directory (<Drive>:\vdServerArchive\VD_TMP_VD)?

versiondog usually automatically (and permanently) deletes the contents of the server archive temporary directory every time it is launched. Under certain circumstances, this automatic deletion may not be successful. If this occurs, it can be done manually.

In order to be able to delete the contents of <Drive>:\vdServerArchive\VD_TMP_VD, you first need to close all versiondog applications and stop the service vDog MasterService


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Last updated: 24 January 2022