Executing jobs manually, stopping jobs, displaying job progression, deactivating a job

Execute selected jobs once: As soon as this button is clicked, the selected jobs will start immediately. Exception: if there are more than 5 jobs currently running, the selected jobs will be placed at the end of the queue. Even deactivated jobs will be executed once.

Stop selected jobs: the selected jobs are stopped immediately.
Display progress: when a job is executed, information about the job’s progress is displayed at the same time in the Execution state column.

Deactivate selected jobs: jobs are no longer executed according to a schedule. Deactivation can be reversed by clicking on the button. Afterwards, the job will start again as scheduled.

When you click on this button, a window opens, and you must specify a reason for the deactivation.

The jobs will be listed in the job list as deactivated.

If you hold the mouse over the entry deactivated, the reason for deactivation is displayed as a tooltip. The reason for deactivation will continue to be indicated by the ExportModule.


FAQ: Why do I get a license-related message when I create, change, copy, or execute jobs?

Your license determines how many jobs you are allowed to create.

When the maximum amount of jobs has been reached, you will no longer be able to create any new jobs, copy previous jobs, execute save or unsaved jobs. Should you receive a notification about this, you will need to delete jobs that you no longer need or purchase an extension to your license. Please get in touch with your contact person at AUVESY.

To see how many jobs are available with your license, start the AdminClient and go to Licencing > Information > Jobs.

To see how many jobs have been created, start the AdminClient, go to the Jobs module, and select the root directory in the Project tree. The number of jobs is shown in the bottom left corner of the window.

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FAQ: Why are jobs running so slowly?

Possible causes

If the Show progress information is activated, all execution steps (for every job that is running) are displayed one after the other in the Execution state column as text. If the status indicating multiple jobs is being shown, this will inhibit the server's performance.

Solution: Deactivate the Show progress information button.

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