What is a job?

A job is a monitoring/ backup task that archives live data of a device (program files, configuration, settings, etc.)

When is a job executed?

Jobs can be executed manually at any time or configured to execute automatically according to a user-specified schedule.

Is additional software required to execute a job?

You can create upload and compare jobs for a wide range of different devices.

Jobs for certain devices may require additional software to be installed on the versiondog server. If for some reason the required software cannot be installed on the computer on which the versiondog server applications are installed, you can use an Agent to give the system access to the software. Agents need to be installed on the same computer on which the required software is installed. The computer needs to be accessible via the network. You will also need access rights to the computer, its software and folders/ files.

FAQ: Is it possible to start a job outside of versiondog ?

Yes, it is possible to start a job outside of versiondog .


  • The job needs to be present in the Job configuration.
  • You need the 32-digit job ID.

For more information, see FAQ: Where do I find a 32 character job ID (and how can I copy it into a clipboard)?

Proceed as follows to start the job once from outside versiondog :

  1. Create an XML file with the following content:
	<Root FuncId="8">
	<JobID>{The Job ID with exactly 32 characters}</JobID >
  1. Place the XML file on the server in the directory ..\\vdServerArchive\VD$A\Data\ToDos\External.

The job will be executed once. After that, the XML file is deleted.

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