The options for sending automatic emails are summarized in the section Sending automatic notifications by email.

SMTP server settings

Based on your in-house network topology, enter the SMTP server data into the section SMTP server settings.

When selecting Connection security, choose your preferred method of encryption from the drop down menu. Your options consist of STARTTLS and TLS (until v1.2).
TLS encryption is possible from Windows Server 2003 onwards. Older Windows versions can work with versiondog but do so without TLS encryption.
Under Authentication method, select one of the following as required: Plain (=none), Login (clear text), CRAM-MD5 or Digest-MD5.
The Send test email enables you to receive an email from the versiondog server on testing the connection once you have entered the relevant data.

Email settings

Enter the email address and the name which will be displayed as sender in emails sent by the versiondog server.

We recommend entering a sender for the emails here. This is because in many companies emails , that are sent without a sender, are diverted automatically to the spam folder. It is however possible to send emails without a sender.

If you do not want all recipients of an email to be able to see to who the email was sent, activate the checkbox Send email using the BCC field. The Recipient field remains empty in this case. This may cause problems with the e-mail server.

When you activate the checkbox Activate email logging, an extensive protocol of your email exchange is created that you can directly open by clicking on the button Show email log. The protocol is sent as a CSV file in the e-mail attachment. You can set the separator between the strings in the section Server.

Email options for warnings and errors
If you activate the checkbox, the input field Notify will be highlighted. Members of the administration group are already preselected.

When you click on the field Who to notify, the window Select email recipients will then open. Here you can select additional users / groups that you want to receive error messages via email.

FAQ: Why am I not able to send emails via the versiondog server?

Example of a failed communication

EasyMail SMTP version 2,0 2,0


EHLO smtpserver

500 Unrecognized command

HELO smtpserver

500 Unrecognized command

221 verionsodgserver Goodbye


You may not be able to send emails using the versiondog server if the EMSTP Inspection has been activated in your firewall. The ESMTP Inspection checks commands before they are sent onto the mail server. If commands are invalid, these will be replaced by invalid place holders. The mail server will be unable to carry out these commands and send the error message "Unrecognized command".


In your firewall's ESMTP Inspection, insert the versiondog server as an exception. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding your firewall.

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