To use the versiondog system, you need a valid license There are different possibilities:

Subscription licenses have an expiration date and need to be renewed even after activation on a specific date.

30 days before the expiration date of a subscription license, as an administrator, you will be notified at login that the license will expire in the near future. After reaching the expiration date, the license is still usable for 14 days. During this time, a message is displayed to each user at login. From the 15th day after the license expires, the Licensing dialog can only be opened in the AdminClient.

In all cases, you will receive the versiondog license file with the name license.bin or license.json. During the versiondog installation, you will be asked where the file has been saved.

When the maximum number of clients you ordered has been reached, you will need a new license.

By clicking the Licensing menu option, this will open the Licensing dialog. This consists of three tabs.


This tab is selected by default when opening the Licensing dialog. It shows all important data of your license, also the expiration date of a subscription license (license valid until).

Image: Licensing dialog, Information tab


The Activation tab shows the system ID of your versiondog system. It is created on your server and is unique to your installation.

Image: Licensing dialog, Activation tab

As a rule, versiondog must be activated within 30 days. The period depends on the expiration date specified in the license.

In order to activate versiondog after a successful installation and configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. Copy the system ID to the clipboard using the option Copy to clipboard to paste it into an e-mail, or send it directly to AUVESY using the Send by email option.

  2. You will then receive the activation code for your license.

  3. Copy the activation code into the Activation code field.

  4. Click the Activate button.

  5. Your license will now be activated.

For assistance with any licensing and activation issues, please contact our administration team.



  1. If you want to renew or extend your license, you will receive a new license file license.bin or license.json from us.

  2. Enter the path to the license file or select the location of the file from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Update button.

  4. Your license will be updated.

FAQ: Some time ago I requested and received a license file (license.bin or license.json). The file was saved properly, but remained unused for some time. When trying to re-license versiondog using said file, an error message is now displayed stating that the selected license has expired. How is this possible?

The license file has expired.

Each license file has a fixed expiration date and can be used from the day it was generated until this period. If this period has expired without activating the license, the license file will become automatically unusable, i.e. it is no longer possible to installversiondog with this file or to import the license into versiondog .

If you will need to reactivate your applications, you must request a new license file from support.


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