Activating configuration

Once the configuration of the settings required for the import has been completed in the Active Directory Connection dialog, it can be activated. Without activation, imports are not possible. After activation, the automatic import will start daily at the time specified in the configuration dialog for the Active Directory binding.

Activating the configuration for the Active directory binding is also required for manually importing groups and users. Only after activation is it possible to perform a manual import.

To activate the configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Synchronisation tab, select the Activate button.

  2. The Active Directory connection is activated (if Active Directory connection is activated, the Activate button is highlighted in orange).
    If Active Directory binding has been activated, only the import options, the user and the password can be changed in the configuration dialog. All other settings can no longer be changed in the configuration dialog.

The automatic import for the Active directory binding will start at the time set in the configuration dialog. In general: